How did you come up with the idea of "Wide Angle Analytics"?

Jarek: The idea behind Wide Angle Analytics (WAA) resulted from a long process and observations I gathered in the industry. Over the last few years, while working with a US-based start-up, I noticed a particular trend.

In the wake of GDPR, more and more businesses became vocal about the legality and justification of their data processing activities. As a result, small business owners to large enterprises faced compliance requirements. There is a real need to address this problem across multiple domains. One of which, almost universally dominated by one actor, is website traffic analytics. The amount of websites that subdue their audience to indiscriminate tracking via Google Analytics is mesmerizing. Our product and I personally want to make a dent in this space.

To help businesses continue focusing on their objectives, simplifying compliance and doing so in a manner that is respectful to the user.

What problems do you solve?

Jarek: We unlock a possibility to effectively measure online marketing and product usage in a challenging regulatory environment. We do it in a way that puts our customers in control of their data. Wide Angle Analytics offers toggles necessary to adjust what is being collected depending on the use case and required legal disclosure.
Our platform offers simple analytics without cookie banners or complex session tracking in case of prior consent. You decide!

Where is the collected data stored?

Jarek: Data is stored exclusively in the European Union. But we take it a step further. We avoid using any commercial entity that is legally under non-EU jurisdiction.
That helps us avoid exposure to USA Cloud Act and other GDPR incompatible laws. With WAA, none of the end-user data flows beyond the borders of the EU.

What is the difference between WAA and Google Analytics?

Jarek: Google Analytics is an incredible product. It is versatile, ubiquitous and free. It is, however, only free in explicit monetary values. WAA is an order of magnitude less complex to start. You can connect the tracker script to your script in seconds and get a clear insight in no time. Meanwhile, to truly appreciate GA, you either have to undergo training or hire an expensive professional.

Google Analytics is the most used web analytics platform. And in its ubiquity lies the challenge to our society. Google can leverage its omnipresence to track users across different websites, creating intrinsic profiles based on our online activity. The case of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook using similar profiling shows clearly that the outcome is devastating to the democratic process.  WAA shares nothing with 3rd parties. Moreover, the data we collect is used solely to analyze your traffic.

The ubiquity of Google Analytics is also its Achilles' foot. All AdBlockers almost universally block it. This, in turn, renders its statistics incomplete, misleading and potentially harmful. WAA implements a much more resilient solution, making it nearly 100% accurate.

And lastly, the price. WAA is not free. We charge you for the service we provide. Meanwhile, Google is in the business of online advertising and provides the highest bidder access to the audience. So inviting GA onto your Internet property can potentially feed your competition with valuable data.

Who are your typical customers?

Jarek: Our customer is a small or medium enterprise which wants to make intelligent bets in online marketing and validate them without undue regulatory pressure. And avoid hefty fines while at it.

What are the main benefits of the cooperation between you and the customer?

Jarek: We offer our customers a reliable, safe and respectful way to be bold in online marketing. To make bets that pay off and deliver a return on investment. And we help customers achieve it without sacrificing the privacy and Human Rights of their users and the society they are part of.

What does it take to implement the WAA?

Jarek: Suppose your organization leverages industry-standard CMS, for example, WordPress, Webflow or Wix. In that case, you can deploy WAA in minutes. Just create an account, start the trial and use convenient settings in your platform to deploy the tracker script. That's it.  Next, invite your colleagues or partners and share your dashboards.

It is that easy.

Triangular: Thank you Jarek for the insights. We are looking forward to testing WAA.


Software Engineer turned Entrepreneur

After close to two decades of working with global investment banks, consultancies, and numerous start-ups, Jarek Rozanski moved into building a product-based company. With a personal emphasis on privacy and professional curiosity in the space of Data Processing, building a company providing responsible web analytics was a natural step forward.

Jarek provides expertise in the domain of search engines, distributed systems and rapid full-stack development. In addition, he has multi-year exposure to challenges at the intersection of Technology and Compliance.

Foto: Jarek Rozanski

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Wide Angle Analytics
Identify your traffic with ease. Maximize ROI by attributing views to marketing campaigns. Do it in a kind and respectful manner. Be compliant with GDPR.


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