Imagine you have many questions about a processing system, which makes you crazy for the last couple of days or about translating material requirements into the right processing steps, processing line design, R&D task, or the process costs analysis.

All these tasks require a wide range of know how about processing technology and industry.  Congratulations, if you can find answers by yourself or have the right people among your internal team.

Many of you would rather look for an external advice to save valuable time and money.

But how to find the right industry expert?

◾ You can try to find experts with the help from seemingly all-knowing search engines or
◾ contact people through your private social network.
And perhaps you will find the best match.

Have you heard about #ProcessOnDemand” or should I say, #ExpertOnDemand” ?

We at Triangular believe it is possible to develop and process materials in sustainable way. Thus, we work with experts from different industries, who are specialized in solids processing, material treatment, material measurement & analysis and many other topics.

With only 3 steps you can find the right support:

- choose the target industry (chemicals, minerals, food, pharma, recycling)
- select the process expertise you are looking for (size reduction, size enlargement, sizing, material treatment, analyzing or others)
- add keywords that are important for your task, e. g. specific certification

Finally, analyze the search results and send the request to talk to the expert.

👉 Try it out and I know you will succeed.

Which processing questions bother you ❓
Do you accept good advices ❓