One of the first questions we ask our partners are:

How do you make sure your equipment is utilized? How do you find customers who need that processing capacities? How do you find free capacity to process your material?

Most of the answers are:
- Recommendation (definitely the best option).
- Long-term partnerships (congratulations)
- Active search with sales team
- Random inquiries (success rate about 10%)
- No strategy yet, it was running so far

We are not satisfied with the answer "it's already running". It must be possible to find the right technology, processes faster and accelerate the realization of projects. This was and still is the Triangular approach.

On the one hand, there are so many plants that are not running at 100% capacity that someone could do with. On the other hand, you want to avoid costly plant investments, and still produce or process the material.

The pre-selection of suitable plants for the projects is most appreciated by our customers. It saves the customer time and internal resources. We make sure that the request can actually be realized on the equipment and thus help to speed up the process.

Whether the projects can be successfully realized in the end is decided by the parties themselves (realization time, costs, etc.).

Do you ask yourself similar questions?

If so, invest 30 minutes of your time in a strategy meeting with us. Knowing your challenges, we will show you how to optimize the use of resources and knowledge.

Before we start, we would like to know a few more things about you, so that we can customise your meeting and give you the best experience possible. It will not take long, we promise.