Granules and powders do not always have the particle size required for further processing.

Depending on how fine the ground material (final product) must be, we speak of

  • crushing
  • granulating
  • pulverizing
  • micronizing (ultra-fine grinding)

The range of tasks and the results varies greatly, so that it does not always make sense to make a cost-intensive investment in your own equipment for a production order. Often it is worthwhile to outsource the individual stages. We then speak of #ContractGrinding or #ContractMilling.

Possible advantages of outsourcing

  • The supplier has the suitable, powerful equipment, which can be retrofitted if required.
  • Many years of experience ensures consistent quality and fast adaptation of the equipment
  • Specialization in specific industry or product group
  • Professional particle size and particle size distribution analysis
  • Many suppliers can subsequently subject the ground material to further process steps: Screening, mixing, and filling.
  • Smaller production quantities can be tested
  • Plannable costs and deadlines
  • No costly investment

Have you already used outsourcing services for grinding?

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