Turning waste into valuable products is next to finding the right processing technology and processing capacities for food, minerals and chemicals, an important focus of our work. We have already published articles about scrap tires, electronic devices, PET, ugly veggies etc.

Coffee processing and technology is one of our core competencies, but today we would like to share some exciting ideas of turning coffee ground into new valuable products.

The amount of coffee ground produced at our office and home would be enough for some natural reusage (upcycling) e. g.

☕ Fertilizer & co. in the garden
☕ Peelings & creams
☕ Removing odors with coffee grounds powder
☕ Cleaning the grill, pans, and glass vases

But this is still not a circular usage of the material.

Cafes, shops and supermarket chains produce a significant amount of coffee ground, which might be too precious to throw it away.

♻ Some creative companies found solutions for coffee ground processing. They manufacture sustainable product such as: trays, cups, plant pots, calendar covers etc.  Their idea is sustainable and circular. Congratulations.

How about your coffee ground? Is it naturally upcycled or do you have more to give it a second life?