Not the lack of R&D knowledge but the lack of commercial & marketing know how stops young enterpreneurs to promote their innovative idea.

Are you an innovative scientist and company founder?

Knowing the incredible potential of scientific work referring to innovative materials, it is a pity not to bring them further.

Let assume there is a market for your product. What next?

You need to produce it!

For scaling-up capital is required.

Most investors or financial institutions will require to see a validated business case.

  • Without capital you do not have access to your own production systems.
  • Without production systems you cannot place your material on the market and validate.

Sounds like a vicious cycle?

Several successful projects helped us to understand your challenges, such as:

  • Finding a pilot plant
  • Coordinating the search for the right technology
  • Speeding up the time to market
  • Delivering test results for the validation and next financial round
  • Connecting with trusted partners
  • Delivering support of experts needed to take the next step
  • Taking off the business pressure from your shoulders.

The innovative idea is a good start. Let´s accelerate and hit the goals.

Would you prefer to focus on you scientist work instead of searching business possibilities? Which part of your R&D project would you love to delegate?