The last two years have changed the supply chain mindset a lot. More and more companies search for solutions next door or extend their own production portfolio.

Long story short - here are reasons

WHY you should also think about diversification and outsource material processing:

  1. You want to see and find out what works for you and what is the best solution for your material.
  2. It is not only testing different suppliers. It is about having an option in case something goes wrong in your facilities.
  3. Compare service prices for different batch sizes. Maybe is it even cheaper to not keep all the processes inhouse.
  4. Scale up: 1kg is not the same as 100 tons
  5. Enlarge your production capabilities without massive investments
  6. Get the right partner for your projects, even if you have no idea where to start.
  7. Achieve impressive results

Following questions were one of the reasons why we founded Triangular.

💥 Who might need my production equipment?

💥 Who could process my materials?

💥 How do I find the right expertise to carry out my projects?

We followed the need and found the answers. We network and do matchmaking in the processing industy. Our work is supported by the digital platform #ProcessOnDemand.

Search for technology and partners have never been easier.

Why would you invest in your own equipment, if there are so many systems already installed not running 100% capacities? Time to find new baskets?