In most R&D projects you need a complete process chain with many steps and a scale up assessment.

Each of these stages might need a different technology. You cannot install all available technologies for an R&D project. Either it terms of money, nor in terms of space.

Focus on your aimed result. Consider time as a crucial factor to hit the market first.

And answer these 6 questions to reduce complexity of your project and move forward.

1️⃣ Which process or process chain do you need?

Size reduction, mixing, size enlargement, drying, coating, classification, confectioning, packaging, or a combination?

2️⃣  What type of process?

Continous or batch

3️⃣ Do I have all the analytical equipment?

To control and guarantee the quality of the material.

4️⃣ Is safety guaranteed? What about the toxicity, explosion or environmental risk?

5️⃣ Does the equipment design play a role?

Wear, explosion and corrosion protection

6️⃣ Do we have all the required documentation?  

Material specification sheet, technical requirements, particle analysis...

Reduce your investment risk and experiment with different technologies.  

Outsourcing is an excellent method to test alternatives.

A supply chain with strategic outsourcing is a vital part of every enterprise.

It will help you dominate your market.

Are you designing your supply chain and need some help?