Every single day we talk about material processing challenges with our material customers.

But there is also the other side of Triangular - Process on Demand

The service suppliers. Contract Manufacturers and System Owners.

This week we had the opportunity to visit one of them.

Custom manfuacturing services for chemicals and minerals.

They run 3 shifts in all 8 processing lines.
You can easily do the math to know how many people you need to operate it.
They are notoriously understaffed.

If you go through the plant you would mind we are at an international airport not in a small Bavarian village. Highest level of diversity.

Obligatory German classes each day for new staff.

What other challenges do they face besides their daily business?

Searching constantly for ways to optimize energy consumption.
Experimenting with new technologies to increase safety.
Testing new sustainable packaging options.
Waste management & recycling.

Knowing the situation in this plant and being familiar with the processing lines, allows me a better understanding of what kind of materials, batch sizes and technology I can offer to my material clients.

The probability of a wrong processing request match is lower.

This is exactly the added value we offer to our material and equipment customers.

The deep dive into the material properties and desired final product is the cherry on the cake.

Willing to learn how we work and how to improve your order load?

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