Graphite is used for various industrial applications, including batteries, steelmaking, lubricants, and compounds among others.

But how is the graphite powder processed, and what should you know when searching for a contract manufacturing services?

Graphite occurs naturally and is a stable crystalline form of carbon.

Modern pencil lead is a mix of powdered graphite and clay. The ability to create a smooth and consistent line is a big advantage.

To produce batteries only materials that meet high mechanical, physical and chemical quality standards - purified flake graphite concentrate - are used.

Graphite Processing

❌ “Unloved” black color – only specialized contract manufactures “touch” graphite. We know WHO does

❌ Wet graphite becomes an abrasive slurry, which damages tools. It is important to process it dry. All graphite materials use a binder that carbonizes during baking and the graphitization process.

❌ The process produces a significant amount of dust and chips. Graphite dust is electrically conductive and adheres to machines and other metals. Processing partners use specialized electrically insulated equipment and take special care to control the emissions.

❌ Graphite powder has a low density, which can make it difficult to handle and transport. It can also lead to settling and packing, which can affect the consistency and quality of the final product.

❌ Graphite powder can have a wide range of particle sizes, which can affect the performance of the final product. It is important to achieve a consistent particle size distribution to ensure consistent product quality.

❌ Graphite has a high melting point, and processing it at high temperatures can be challenging. The high temperatures required for some processing methods can also lead to oxidation and other chemical changes that can affect the properties of the final product.

❌ Jet milling is the most common milling method to avoid metal contamination.

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