External advice helps you save valuable time and money, because

"Good advice after the damage is like medicine after death"

/Dutch Proverb/

How can you find the right industry expert?

You can try to find experts with the help from seemingly all-knowing search engines or contact people through your private social network.

And perhaps you will find the best match.

At Triangular we help innovative teams to develop and process materials without investing in their own technology. Contract manufacturing, toll processing and all kind fo on-demand production services.

We also work with experts from different industries, who are specialized in material processing, material treatment, material measurement & analysis and many other topics.

With only 3 steps you can find the right support on our #ProcessOnDemand platform:

👉 Choose the target industry: chemicals, minerals, food, pharma, recycling

👉 Select the process expertise you are looking for, e. g. size reduction, size enlargement, sizing, material treatment, analyzing or others

👉 Add keywords that are important for your task, e. g. specific certification

👉 Finally, analyze the search results and send the request to talk to the expert.

Try it out and I know you will succeed.

Or maybe you have a vast knowledge in a specific industry field and would like to join our experts?

1. Check our experts.
2. Create your profile for FREE and share your expertise with our clients.
3. Grab your free report and improve material processing.