If you are used to working in a one product group or industry sector, we understand that it is extremely challenging to try to process new materials.

Too many questions and missing answers.

Contract manufacturers we work with are notoriously understaffed.

So there is no room for experimentation.

The success stories of our customers show that it is worth trying to extend the product range to avoid single client or single industry branch issues.

We help material companies to find the right technology and toll processing partners.

It means we work as an external team member for you as a contract manufacturing company and pre-select the processing requests.

Chemicals, minerals, food, feed, pharma, recycling and upcycling

Would you like to optimize the use of your resources and knowledge being part of #ProcessOnDemand platform?

What is in for you as a "System Owner” and service provider?

After you upload your system to the platform and make them visible for registered users, you will receive only requests that match the set up and material references.

Further, you:

🔸 Avoid standby costs for equipment and staff
🔸 Generate extra source of revenue and
🔸 Speed up the realization of the projects
🔸 Promote your company on a row of important industry and cluster platforms
🔸 Use extra salesforce to connect with relevant international partners

The pre-selection of best-matching processing requests, as well as a direct contact to the project managers are very appreciated by our customers.

It saves your time and internal resources.

You can focus on the real tasks in your daily business.

If you are struggling with one of the topics above, we can help you whenever you feel ready to take the next step.

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