Accelarate the development of new materials using existing resources wisely and sustainably.  Key to success - Process on Demand.  At Triangular we are convinced this is possible and explain our idea in the interview CHEManager 09/2020.  

In most industries, the commercial life cycle of end products has become shorter. Stable and reliable supply chains and high-quality processing are crucial criteria for sustainable success. To make all this possible and easier, Triangular-PST has created the online platform Triangular-POD - Process on Demand as a broker of capacities and services in the material processing industry.

The company was founded in 2018 in Augsburg and moved into new offices in nearby Friedberg in June 2020. Management duo Pablo and Sylwia Marroquin answer questions about the idea behind Triangular and its growth strategy.

How do you deal with your resources? What challenges do you have to overcome?