As part of an environmental initiative, LEGO is testing different materials and solutions to replace the A. B. S plastic that the bricks are currently made from.

Alternatives to plastic include recycled materials, as in the case of the PET bottle prototype, or bio-based materials such as sugar cane.

There are several technical challenges when using recycled PET:

◾ recycled material is softer than ABS plastic and modifiers have to be used

◾ the colouring technology of the pads has to be changed because the PET material reacts differently with the dyes

The long-term goal is to have all bricks made from sustainable plastic by 2030, and to remove single-use plastic from all LEGO products and packaging by 2025.

Already the numbered bags containing the bricks are being replaced by paper bags.

Have you heard about LEGO's replay programme, which is active in Canada and the USA? What do you think of it?

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