A partner urgently contacts us, stating that they have a customer who recently received a shipment of x packed into large bags. Typically, these particles measure 1-2mm in size. Regrettably, during transportation, the entire product has fused into a massive block within the bags. The inquiry is made whether there is anyone in the network around their country who can grind and re-pack the material.

Unexpected scenario might happen.

Whether they stem from transportation complications, stacking issues, or sudden downtimes in your own production lines, they catch us off guard.

In our experience, clients typically tap into their own connections first. If that doesn't yield results, they turn to online searches.

To tackle precisely this type of scenario, we've developed a more efficient approach to connect with processing partners.

ProcessOnDemand platform

You sign up on the Triangular - Process on Demand platform, providing details about the material's specifications. You select the desired processing technology and outline the intended outcomes.

In a matter of seconds, a roster of potential processing partners becomes available.


You forward a request for material processing to our team. We assess the array of options, ensuring they align with your stipulations.

Beyond grinding, you'll discover opportunities for drying, mixing, coating, packaging, and an assortment of other processing alternatives.

Take a look for yourself now, familiarize yourself with our offerings preemptively, before a crisis looms.

Sounds like a solid emergency strategy?