Pectin, a valuable substance, is commonly extracted from a variety of fruits and vegetables. Oranges, lemons, apples, and berries are among the primary sources of this natural compound.

The process of obtaining pectin involves several key steps:

  • Washing and cleaning the fruits while eliminating any inedible components.
  • Dicing or grinding the fruits into smaller pieces, which enhances the surface area exposed to water.
  • Mixing the prepared fruits with water and subjecting the mixture to heat. This step causes the pectin to dissolve and separate from other fruit components.
  • Cooling the mixture and utilizing filtering techniques to eliminate any remaining solid fruit particles.
  • Separation of the liquid pectin from lingering impurities.
  • Dehydration, which transforms the liquid pectin into a powdered form suitable for various food applications.

Pectin production methods can differ based on the source and manufacturer.

Secret ingredient of gummy bears - Pectin - is classified as a carbohydrate, works as an effective thickener and gelling agent when combined with water and sugar.

Gummy bears, those beloved candies, are crafted from a blend of sugar, gelatin, and a medley of flavors. Some recipes include pectin to enhance the final product's texture and firmness. The duo of pectin and gelatin collaborates to create the signature gummy texture while preventing the candies from becoming overly soft.

Is the connection clear now?

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