Typing "contract manufacturer" in the WWW does not mean that the results will fit your processing requirements.

To be successful the expertise should cover besides the manufacturing, also further processes you need.

Check following information:

  • What kind of materials they process? Solids, fluids or gas?
  • Is the required technology or even the whole process chain available? (e. g. milling, sieving, micronizing, classifying, packaging)
  • Can they process small initial batches and provide a detailed result analysis?
  • Can they cover your growing demand?
  • Do they offer the end-to-end solution you need or only a certain type of service?
  • Are the required certificates available?
  • How experienced is the partner in the particular field of your industry?
  • How long is the expected waiting time for a production campaign?
  • Can they help with the logistics?

👉 Feel free to add any important criteria to my list in the comments

The right preparation can save you a lot of time, stress and finally money.
At this stage it is worth investigating and answering honestly

Do you have time to search for the right partner or could you possibly outsource even this task?

Consider our advices.

1. Let someone else go through the Q&A process.
2. Focus on short list results.
3. Talk to the 2-3 potential & best fitting partners.
4. Choose the best offer and
5. Start manufacturing your product.

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