During the research and development stages of a new material processing project there are many fundamentals that have to be considered.

It is important to stay focused and keep the control of all parameters that have to be managed. But you cannot implement all available technologies to make sure they are ready for your project.

In most projects a complete process chain with multiple steps has to be implemented.

And in each of these stages many technology options may be considered, depending on the aimed results.

Outsourcing is an excellent method to test different alternatives with very low investment risk and guarantee the best use of technology resources.

To give you an idea of the complexity of choosing the right technology, check the 6 questions below that should be answered

1️⃣ Which process do I need?
size reduction, mixing, size enlargement, drying, coating, classification, confectioning, packaging, etc.

2️⃣ What would be the best process type?
continuous process, batch process

3️⃣ How do I guarantee the quality of the material?
analytical equipment for quality control, quality control procedures

4️⃣ Is safety guaranteed?
toxicity, explosion risk, environmental risk

5️⃣ What should be considered in the equipment design?
wear protection, explosion protection design, corrosion protection

6️⃣ Do we have all required documentation?
certificates, manufacturing and cleaning procedures, maintenance

A clever designed supply chain with strategic outsourcing is a vital part of every enterprise.

It will help you dominate your market and will give your customers an excellent experience.

Is your supply chain ready designed or can we support you in any of the following questions? Any questions missing?

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