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Finally in Wikipedia we can read about

Wax the material

Waxes are a diverse class of organic compounds that are lipophilic, malleable solids near ambient temperatures.

They include higher alkanes and lipids, typically with melting points above about 40 °C (104 °F), melting to give low viscosity liquids.

Waxes are insoluble in water but soluble in organic, nonpolar solvents.

Natural waxes of different types are produced by plants and animals and occur in petroleum.”

Waxes are classified into natural - plant and animal waxes and petroleum derived. I skip the typology here and focus on the properties and applications.

Depending on the desired properties and final application both types of waxes undergo selective chemical modifications.

Each production technique generates fluid or solid products with slightly different properties.

The description of the wax properties may include information about

  • Viscosity (cP)
  • Dropping point (°C)
  • Congealing point (°C)
  • Penetration (mm)
  • Particle size (µm)

Wax applications

The variety of individual solutions and wax compositions is huge.

✔ Polishes for automotive, shoes and wood
✔ Coating for cheeses, cardboards, and cartons
✔ Waterproof for leather and fabrics
✔ Cable filing compounds
✔ Bitumen roofing compounds
✔ Hot melt asphalt and road marking compounds
✔ Cosmetics: lipstick, mascara (beeswax and lanolin)
✔ Ski wax for skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding
✔ Candle and grave-lights industry
✔ Anti-corrosion agents
✔ Anti-caking agents for fertilizers
✔ Special applications and many more.

There are many standard products on the market available for industrial use, however the individual solutions are highly recommended depending on use, production scale and purpose of your final product.

What would be a candle light dinner without candles? Advent evenings without the candle light? A school without crayons?

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