Would you like to dry your harvest on an industrial scale?
Carrots, parsley, tomatoes or other vegetables?

Using the sun ☀️ is the classic way to dry tomatoes or figs as it used to be on the rooftops of southern Italy. Sun drying might be an option, if you consider some facts.

A process taking at least several days.
It gives an extra nuance to the flavor.
Not a recommended preservation technique.
Unless you are in an area with high temperatures and low humidity.

But if you live in a less sunny and hot region, you need a reliable option.

There are drying technologies that work.

✅ Drum drying, spray drying, microwave vacuum drying, freeze drying ...

We are in the middle of the harvest season.
Most service providers have production campaigns planned.

If you are looking for ad hoc production capabilities, let me know.
I can help you get your production off the ground.

Besides drying,
also grinding, milling, classifying, mixing, pelletizing, coating….

Not only food.
Minerals, chemicals and all kinds of co-products as well.

👉 Tell us:

🔺Your product & quantity.
🔺The desired characteristics of the final product.
🔺Flakes, cubes, slices, powder, granules?

If you have questions about any of this, we will answer them.

💡 What do you think ❓

Is drying technology still worth to consider, by constantly rising energy prices ❓

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