Question #2

“Material Owner Profile - For whom it is designed?”

For all companies and innovative teams, who need to process a material.
Chemicals, minerals, food, feed, recycling, cosmetics and more.

Case Study 1:
You search for technology for meantime production of a new product line.

🔸Test the market acceptance of new materials with minimal risk
🔸Find the right system before investing in your production equipment
🔸Get alternative quotes to optimize your supply chain
🔸Produce cost effectively small batches

Case Study 2:
You need to bridge a production line breakdown.

🔸Supply material even in case your system is down.
🔸Avoid contract penalties

Case Study 3:
You need to scale up your R&D results and deliver more material to your investors & future customers.

🔸Reduce time to market
🔸Test the market acceptance
🔸Prepare the basics for your decision-making process before investing
🔸Make use of industry experts knowledge to adjust the process

From our experience we know that the most difficult task is to find processing capabilities for “now” or for small batch production. Just in between R&D and industrial scale.

They exist. You just need to know whom to ask.

Many of the processing systems are available per klick on our the platform.
Milling, grinding, sieving, classifying, mixing, drying, calcination, analyzing, coating….

In case not, we search for the right partners.

Here is how you could use the Material Owner profile

1. Place your material processing request on the portal.

2. Check the search results that match your material and process requirements.

3. Send the request and get in touch with possible partners.

4. Choose the best offer & process material.

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