If you have searched for an outsourcing company in the processing industry, you know the challenges.

Find a company, compare their services with your needs, material specifications and the process or process chain needed.

Looking at the description of services you often see contract manufacturing, toll manufacturing or toll processing.

Does it have an impact on your project ?


  • You hire a third-party to produce goods.
  • They handle the entire process: sourcing, manufacturing, QC, packaging, shipping.
  • You own product & IP; may be exclusive.
  • This approach suits long-term needs.

Toll Manufacturing

  • Provide raw materials to a third-party.
  • You own materials & final products.
  • Third-party provides specific manufacturing services.
  • Toll manufacturing is project-based.

If you struggle with the partner choice for your project, reach out to us for guideance.

We will ask you a few questions during our initial meeting to figure out which of the approaches fits your business case.

Usually the customers who work with us have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve.

Clients who came with just an idea, received deep insights in what is possible.

Wish to start producing faster and avoiding a long evaluation phase?