Recycle instead of burning or landfilling. This is a sustainable approach for the industry and the way to recover many valuable resources.

It is a very exciting topic and a good add-on to my post about scrap tyre recycling.

Do you use batteries? How do you dispose of problematic waste?

Did you know that:

  • Improperly disposed batteries cause dangerous fires almost every day
  • Improperly disposed batteries end up on landfills, corrode and contaminate groundwater and surface water
  • the incineration of one ton of waste produces so much flue gas that it could fill a football field 1.2m high?
  • the first circular economy law in Germany is 25 years old?

With new technologies and recycling processes, almost 99% of raw materials can be recovered. With a positive energy balance and minimal energy costs.

Which sustainable waste recycling methods do you know?

What is your private contribution the sustainable waste management?